Mid Week Update – Day 26 Results

So we are now on Day 26, Couldn’t wait the whole week to share my gains so thought I would do a mid week update for this week!  As you can see from the screenshot we have now made over $900 Profit during this time all from starting with $500.

Traffic Monsoon Register Page

YouTube video showing how to setup account

26 days

This is the power of compounding interest and reinvesting with the adpacks.  My plan from here and advise anyone else who signs up to do the same, will be to withdraw your initial money invested after a 2-3 month period, therefore removing all risk completely as then you will be reinvesting with pure profits generated from your first couple of months.

Traffic Monsoon has been going strong now for over 1 year and a 2-3 month risk period is minimal, again there is risk with any investment you take but I see this as minimal compared to some other investments I am even in currently, you need to spread your investing money around, ever hear of the saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in 1 basket” well this applies to everything you invest in, instead of 1 big chunk into something, spread it around.  Some will work great, others will not work so great.  You are in it for the long haul to becoming financially free and not having to work those 9-5 Jobs anymore or at least work part time so you have more time to do other things you enjoy.

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Mid Week Update – Day 26 Results

Week 3 Results

So we are now 3 weeks into our Traffic Monsoon passive income stream, we started with $500 and we have already made over $700 in ONLY 3 WEEKS! As you can see every time my account get’s to $50 balance, I purchase another adpack, I now have 30 running adpacks generating roughly $30~ per day, this means I’m getting 1 new adpack in less than 2 days, this will keep snowballing and the initial 10% interest actually becomes so much more :)  Once I reach 50 adpacks, that’s $50~ per day and I’ll be adding another adpack daily from there and so on, My Goal at the moment is to reach 100 adpacks which will generate me $100~ per day.  We will then start withdrawing our initial money used and start aiming for 500 adpacks.

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3 weeks

Week 3 Results

Traffic Monsoon Passive Income Stream

Hey Guys,

So I’ve started this blog to track my Traffic Monsoon results, I have signed up 18 days ago and have already made more than my initial startup of $500 as you’ll see in the screenshot provided.  Some close friends and family have jumped on board and I’m looking to help others out as well, with this page you can freely ask questions about my journey and it will help you get started and explain how it works.  You can start earning some good money for only 5 mins per day!

You can signup here – Traffic Monsoon Homepage

I’ve created a YouTube video here which explains how to signup and how it all works – YouTube Startup Video Traffic Monsoon

traffic 18 days

I understand not everyone has $500 to startup, you can get started with as little as $50 if you follow the below;

Purchase one pack for $50 from your pocket.
Stay qualified in the revenue share by surfing 10 ads daily.

After 7 days(week) you’ll have $7 in your account.
Use that $7 plus $43 from you pocket to purchase the second pack.

Now you’ll have 2 packs earning $2 daily which will add up to $14 
after 7 days.
Use that $14 plus $36 from you pocket to purchase a third pack.

Repeat the process until you are up to 10 packs where you can 
purchase a pack every 5 days.


Please note – using this as an investment, like anything there are risks involved, this is why I have started with $500 which is a good startup amount, you can start with whatever you feel comfortable, I’ve got other side income streams as well otherwise I would have started with more.  So far I’ve worked out within 2-3 months, I’ll be able to withdraw my initial investment, leaving me with absolutely 0 risk as I’ll strictly be using profits made to keep investing, you can do this as well if you follow my methods.

Traffic Monsoon Passive Income Stream